Automated package build process for WordPress 4.5

This is a quick reminder to prepare the SVN directory for your locale for automated packages if you haven’t done so yet. The handbook page Automated Release Packages includes all the necessary information.

If your locale is currently eligible for automatic creation of release packages (which includes being at 100%), you’ll find an RC3 build generated from tags/4.5-RC3 waiting for you on your dashboard. Please inspect these ZIPs. The locales are:
ar, cy, de_CH, de_CH_informal, de_DE, de_DE_formal, en_AU, en_CA, en_NZ, eo, eu, fi, fr_CA, hi_IN, hr, is_IS, it_IT, ka_GE, ko_KR, lt_LT, nn_NO, ro_RO, sk_SK, sv_SE, tr_TR, and fr_BE.

Language packs are generated for ar, ca, cy, da_DK, de_CH, de_CH_informal, de_DE, de_DE_formal, el, en_AU, en_CA, en_NZ, eo, es_CL, es_ES, eu, fi, fr_CA, fr_FR, he_IL, hi_IN, hr, is_IS, it_IT, ja, ka_GE, ko_KR, lt_LT, nn_NO, pt_BR, ro_RO, sk_SK, sr_RS, sv_SE, tr_TR, and fr_BE.

Locales which are at 100% but skipped because of missing tags/branches: #ca, #da_DK, #el, #es_CL, #es_ES, #he_IL, #ja, #pt_BR, #sr_RS, and #fr_FR.