WordPress 4.5 Hard String Freeze

Hello Polyglots!

WordPress 4.5 RC2 has just been released, and with it, there is now a hard string freezeString freeze The term "string freeze" is used by the core team to mark the end of changes to the strings of an upcoming release. A string freeze also means that there will be no more strings added to the core project. Sometimes a string freeze has two phases a soft freeze and a hard freeze. A string freeze is announced on the Polyglots blog by the current release lead. for WordPress 4.5 (including the About Page).

My apologies for the delay! I hoped to deliver this news much sooner.

ReleaseRelease A release is the distribution of the final version of an application. A software release may be either public or private and generally constitutes the initial or new generation of a new or upgraded application. A release is preceded by the distribution of alpha and then beta versions of the software. proceedings for 4.5 are scheduled to start at April 12, 2016 at 0900 PDT.

Please let me know if you encounter any difficulties, or have any questions.

Thank you for all of your hard work!

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