Subtitles for the 4.5 Release Video

Apologies to the delay to getting the release video to you! The revised deadline for submitting subtitles is Monday 11th April.

1. The release video is here.

2. To add your language click “Add a new language” (left hand side of the screen)

3. Select your language. This will load the subtitle editor.

4. On the left you’ll see the English subtitles. On the right you can translate into your own language.

5. Translate! You can find help on using Amara here.

6. Save.

I will download all of the subtitles in the morning (UTC) on 11th April, so if you would like for your language to be included please add them before then.

If you would like to translate the .ttml file directly you can grab a copy of the subtitle file in English. If you do that, please leave a message here with a link to the file.

A few notes:

  • the jazz legend is male
  • if you have a language or language variation that isn’t supported by Amara you can drop the subtitle file on this thread and I’lll grab it here.