Hello Teams As discussed in last week’s chat…

Hello, Teams!

As discussed in last week’s chat, we’re planning to create a video presenting the Polyglots team to promote WordPress Global Translation Day. We need your help! The short promo video will simply include as much footage as we can get of people saying “Hello world from location” in their native languages.

We need your help! Send us a video from your location

What you need to do:

  • Shoot a video! It would be awesome to have a team of people representing your locale but it’s OK if it’s just you on the video! Please keep the video under 10 seconds, we want to include as many people as possible
  • To keep the video consistent , we ask you to say one the following phrases during the video:
    • “Hello world from [your city and country]!” in your native language! (ex.: “Γεια σου κόσμε από την Ελλάδα!” in Greek or “Здравей, свят от София, България!” in Bulgarian)
    • “We speak WordPress”
    • “Hello world, do you speak WordPress?”
    • “We translate WordPress in [your language]”
  • Name the video according to the following convention: WPGTDvideo_locale code (ex.: WPGTDvideo_bg_BG.mp4)
  • Upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive or your preferred service and provide the link. Please make sure that the video is public, ie it can be downloaded straight from the link without codes, passwords, sign-ins etc. The videos will be publicly available to everyone to see raw. 
  • Add a link to the video while filling out this form – we need your name, your city and country, the script you used both in English and your native language and the download link.

Please try and send your videos by the end of the week  (March 7th) so we can start working on the clip. 

Thank you for your contribution! Let’s make something great together!

Myself, @michael_ks & @chantalc are doing this video, so you can ping us with Qs about it here or in Slack.

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