Notes from the Polyglots chat on Feb 24


LocaleLocale Locale = language version, often a combination of a language code and a region code, for instance es_MX denotes Spanish as it’s used in Mexico. A list of all locales supported by WordPress in stats

Releases: 160 localesLocale Locale = language version, often a combination of a language code and a region code, for instance es_MX denotes Spanish as it’s used in Mexico. A list of all locales supported by WordPress in 74 locales up to date. 0 locales behind by minor versions. 1 locale behind one major version. 16 locales behind more than one major version. 56 locales have a site but never released. 13 locales don᾿t have a site.

Translations: 160 locales. 60 locales at 100%. 4 locales have more than 95%. 4 locales have more than 90%. 23 locales have more than 50%. 58 locales have less than 50%. 11 locales don᾿t have a WP project.

Tech update

  • The Development project will be switching to 4.5 by the end of the week after WordPress 4.5 betaBeta A pre-release of software that is given out to a large group of users to trial under real conditions. Beta versions have gone through alpha testing in-house and are generally fairly close in look, feel and function to the final product; however, design changes often occur as part of the process. 1 lands today
  • The 4.5 project on The platform for contributing to the translation of WordPress core, themes and plugins. should be up for translation by the end of the week with the first stringsString A string is a translatable part of the software. A translation consists of a multitude of localized strings. from 4.5
  • got fixed! Yay

Global WordPress Translation day

It’s a go and we set a date last week – April 24th, 2016. 

Here’s the original description:

Updates from @petya:

  1. We have a general “ok” from Scott B to use the Wordsesh infrastructure. He was busy with WCNO last week, so I’ll chat details with him this week. But this generally means we can use a well tested remote event infrastructure and do the live sessions to on board people in different locations in different languages.
  2. I chatted to Sara Rosso from the marketing team about a plan to market the event and we came up with an idea to do a short promo video we can use to get people to sign up for the event. For that, we will. need your help. The video will simply include as much footage as we can get of people saying “Hello world from location” in their native languages. A post with instructions about the video will be published later today on make/polyglots. Michael and Chantal offerred to help with gathering the videos from various people. 

WordPress Global Translation Day sessions:

Clarifying sessions:

30min/1h live session on translating WordPress. Recorded in your language. Based on a global template, but including specifics for translating in your locale.

Objectives: Introduce to the translation tool. Introduce to the local glossary. Introduce to the local style guide. Give examples of several things that people often get wrong.

Goal: Make it easier for people to understand the specifics of translating in your language.

The benefit of having the session in your language and recording it is that you can then use it to onboard people every time someone new wants to translate.

Next steps: we need volunteers for the following tasks:

  • Volunteers to do the live sessions from each locale
  • Volunteers to mentor new contributors in different languages (so per locale teams) – on the ground and remote.


  • Petya to post a request for GTEs to sign up for doing a live session
  • Petya to post the video requirements for the team

Open discussion

A question from @ramiy: can we create a special page on rosettaRosetta The code name of the theme for the local WordPress sites (eg. is a “Rosetta” site). All locale specific WordPress sites are referred to as “Rosetta sites.” The name was inspired from the ancient Rosetta Stone, which contained more or less the same text in three different languages. sites, listing all the translator?

There’s a ticket open about it:

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