Notes from the Polyglots chat on Jan 20th

LocaleLocale Locale = language version, often a combination of a language code and a region code, for instance es_MX denotes Spanish as it’s used in Mexico. A list of all locales supported by WordPress in stats

Releases: 158 localesLocale Locale = language version, often a combination of a language code and a region code, for instance es_MX denotes Spanish as it’s used in Mexico. A list of all locales supported by WordPress in 55 locales up to date. 2 locales behind by minor versions (#te, #lv). 12 locales behind by one major version (#vi, #tl, #es_VE, #es_PE, #sl_SI, #gd, #fa_IR, #ka_GE,#cs_CZ, #bs_BA, #bn_BD, #hy). 19 locales behind more than one major version. 55 locales have a site but never released. 15 locales don᾿t have a site.

Translations: 56 locales at 100%. 3 locales have more than 95%. 4 locales have more than 90%. 27 locales have more than 50%. 55 locales have less than 50%.

5 locale requests waiting.


  • Taco will post a comment and @mention the GTEs of the behind locales below these notes

Tech update

  • GlotPress as a plugin v1 is now released: It’s not on yet, but there is a (private) install which gets tested by some members.
  • Expected to get on .org in the next 2 weeks
  • Would be nice to get an update from @sam @dd32 or @pento on the status of RosettaRosetta The code name of the theme for the local WordPress sites (eg. is a “Rosetta” site). All locale specific WordPress sites are referred to as “Rosetta sites.” The name was inspired from the ancient Rosetta Stone, which contained more or less the same text in three different languages. P2s (O2s)

Let’s talk communication

– how to address pluginPlugin A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. They can extend functionality or add new features to your WordPress websites. WordPress plugins are written in the PHP programming language and integrate seamlessly with WordPress. These can be free in the Plugin Directory or can be cost-based plugin from a third-party author requests on the P2p2 "p2" is the name of the theme that blogs at use (and o2 is the accompanying plugin). When asked to post something "on the p2" by a member of the Polyglots team, that usually means you're asked to post on the team blog

Suggested places to improve information about translating your plugin:

  • A nice read by one of our active plugin authros:

Please include other links to pages in the ecosystem where adding information regarding plugin translations would be good. Improving documentation will help (see last week’s steps) but we should also try and be a bit more patient with demanding plugin authors.


  • Create standard responses for plugin/theme authors demanding you translate their projects

Translation sprints

– the poll is ready – let’s send it to our communities


  • Send this poll to your local communities:

Let’s keep it open for 10 days (until January 31st)

Open discussion

A tech request from @ocean90 for people who are working with the translation repositoryWordPress Localization Repository The WordPress Localization Repository at is a Subversion repository where official WordPress translations are maintained. See Working with the Translation Repository for details.: Please check your readme.htmlHTML HTML is an acronym for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a markup language that is used in the development of web pages and websites. and wp-config-sample.php files. Some are super old but still copied and used for each release.

If you have any questions, pingPing The act of sending a very small amount of data to an end point. Ping is used in computer science to illicit a response from a target server to test it’s connection. Ping is also a term used by Slack users to @ someone or send them a direct message (DM). Users might say something along the lines of “Ping me when the meeting starts.” @ocean90.

Next meeting will be on Wednesday, January 27th, at 11 am UTC in the #Polyglots channel on SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at

See you there!

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