Hello Polyglots First I would like to say…

Hello Polyglots,

First I would like to say I fully support the language packs. Now everyone can contribute. That’s why I’ve removed all translations from my themes and plugins several months ago.

But, there should be something done regarding how long I have to wait before strings of certain locales get approved.

Responses on this forum regarding this issue:

  • ship translation with your theme or plugin until language pack reaches 100%
  • because this is a new project it still has a limited number of PTE’s
  • there a many strings waiting to be approved
  • just wait and be patient
  • find your own PTE for every locale

Having a personal PTE for every locale sounds great (and I understand why), but if you don’t have a network this is a big challenge. Even more when your theme or plugin contains many locales.

I guess I’m not the only one who’s waiting for string approval for 1-2 months now. That’s why I would like to make a suggestion:

For now batch approve all strings with status ‘waiting’ once every month. Less work for theme author and PTE.

Any thoughts?