Dear Polygots Team Happy 2016 At the 2015…

Dear Polygots Team,

Happy 2016!

At the 2015 WordPress Community Summit, the Support Team discussed a few items that we would like to work on. One of the main ones came from a realisation that the current Support Team only really represents the English speaking community.

With that, we thought it would make perfect sense to connect with the rest of the different locale/language communities, rosetta or not and strengthen the Support Team to represent WordPress as a whole, and not just the English crowd.

We are working on

1. Identifying these locale/language leaders
2. Sharing with them our vision of having direct support connections between locales
3. Asking them to identify a person (or more) that can be the Support Liaison for the locale/language (it does not necessarily have to be themselves).

We would love if the Support Liaison can
• Speak English (to at least some level, we do need to talk to them)
• Loves Support
• Is a person the rest of the community in that language can trust
• Understands that joining the team means we’re a family that volunteers for WordPress and are friends with each other

What they will likely do is basically become a form of a communication bridge between us and the rosetta/locale community. We don’t actually have the full plan yet and we aim to get everyone (or a decent percentage) in before we start some level of discussion about how we can make this work.

So that being said, while we have identified some locale leaders, there are many locale communities that we are unfamiliar with.

If you are a part of a locale community, could you give us the name (Slack usernames preferred!) of the person we can speak to?