Hi I am part of a group which…


I am part of a group which is trying to revitalise Karelian language. One of the things is to translate common digital platforms to our language or to it’s dialects. At the moment we dont have universal karelian ‘booklanguage’ or standard language. The dialects that have a written form are: Livvikarelian, Vienakarelian, Tverkarelian (part of bigger dialectr group SouthKarelian) and we would like to use those dialects in WordPress.

Even thought we dont have a official standard language (yet) we would like to try to make one un-official one in WordPress so that we had also one common choice in stead of all the dialects.

Standard Karelian (un-official)
Tverkarelian or Southkarelian

I myself would me mainly working on the Livvikarelian and Standard karelian translations. And also helping others with Vienakarelian and Southkarelian