Concerns about the licensing of contributions

Hey all Polyglots,

First post here (I think).. The work that is being done is quite exciting! However, I have a small request for the board.

Going through the documentation of this translation service, I noticed that the inclusion of any details about the licensing of the user contributions (translations) has been sadly neglected. Since licensing is the base of the FLOSS existence and what actually makes it move, I think our attention to detail is quite important.

As a new Polyglot, if I ask myself about who I am contributing translations to (, each plugin/theme project, or both), I can give no clear answer.

On the other hand, as a plugin author, I am no less confused about whether I should consider these translations as a direct and irrevocable contribution to my projects or not. If I ever decide to distribute them in the plugin’s distribution package, how should I treat them? As a 3rd party item, which, under some circumstances, might require the inclusion of extra licensing information or as a part of the plugin?

I think some more information that clarifies these things is required. I’ve already contacted with more details about this, but I thought that making a post here about my concerns would also be a good idea.

If you have reached this far, thanks for reading this. Again, kudos for the great work!

Kind Regards,