Translation style guides on Rosetta sites & Glossaries

Dear polyglots,

I had a chat with @jenia at WordCamp Switzerland’s Contributor day today about improving the Glossaries and the translation style guides so we can help new contributors get started faster.

Improve the Glossaries

Jenia and the Global theme at have an amazing set of Glossaries already built which we can definitely reuse. They have glossaries for 22 languages and I thought that we could reuse them if that’s ok with the translation editors.

You can check them out at They also use GlotPress, so you can just export their Glossary and import it for your own locale.

Translation Style Guides on Rosetta sites

With the upcoming wave of new contributors around plugins and themes, keeping consistency among translations for the same locales is essential. It all starts with a good instruction manual, so I thought we could make it a requirement for each team to create at least a short instruction manual with general guide lines for translating.

I know this is a lot to ask and hard work that many of you might be intimidated by. However, we don’t need to invent the wheel. Luckily we already have resources to help us out.

So here are a few resources you can benefit from before building a page

  1. Check out the style guides built for the same 22 languages
  2. Microsoft have super extensive guides for a lot of languages. Those are too long, but might be interesting for many of you anyway. We don’t need such extensive guides. Just general directions.
  3. Facebook have really nice style guides for translating too. They’re shorter and straight to the point.

Including a short introduction page for new translators on your Rosetta sites

Some teams have already done that, but it would be great to include it in most of the Rosetta sites for new contributors.

This is what I think each page should include, but you are welcome to modify depending on your locale requirements:

It would be good to have a discussion about it during the next polyglots chat and leave your comments below with your example pages if you already have one, it would be good to browse ideas and get more suggestions.

Thanks @jenia for all the tips!