Notes from the Polyglots chat on Aug 12th


  • Locale stats
    • 29 locales at 100%. 28 locales have more than 95%. 5 locales have more than 90%. 22 locales have more than 50%. 54 locales have less than 50%.
    • 29 locales at 100% is already awesome, it would be great to get the 28 that have more than 95% to 100 before the 4.3 release
    • We’re hoping for 62 locales ready for 4.3, great job everyone
  • WordPress 4.3 translation progress
    • About page strings are expected any day now, should be tomorrow or the day after
    • When they get in, there will be a translation editor notification on the blog.
  • Translating themes and plugins – open discussion on adding per project editors and your overall experience
    • Very few people have tried adding project specific translation editors
    • The process of getting a plugin / theme available for translation needs to be documented, so it’s clear what will be available on and what should plugin authors do to get their product in for translating
  • Handbook August editing sprint progress – the Polyglots handbook will be edited and expanded with new pages and sections.
    • The plan for the edits is here:
    • Feel free to add suggestions for edits and report on problems you find with the current pages
  • WordPress 4.3 video subtitles:
    • Check out Siobhan’s instructions on translating the subtitles for the 4.3 video
    • We will be able to have location specific locales in this time
    • Translating is done via Amara – a translation service and is a lot smoother/easier
  • Open discussion

Next polyglots chat will be next Wednesday, 10am UTC, on Slack.