Words or characters the string 40480 in the…

Words or characters: the string 40480 in the dev project (change locale code in the slug to see your language) asks to type in “words” if your language’s word count is based on words, and “characters” if that’s what the wordcount is based on (the case of Japanese and Chinese, for example). “Words” or “characters” should NOT be translated from English.

After this question came up for Bengali (BN), I started spotchecking other locales, and took the liberty to fix this for AR, HU, PT-BR, KO, HE, NL, TR, ID, SV (where “words” was translated to the local languages). I did not check/research each language, so if you have a moment, please double-check the string for your locale.

A related question is whether such “developer” rather than “translator” strings should be part of a GlotPress project, or if there is a better way to handle them to minimize the confusion.