Hi Polygots Team I am Bigul from Kerala…

Hi Polygots Team,

I am Bigul from Kerala, India. We have a small WordPress community here in Cochin. We would like to translate WordPress in Malayalam(our mother tongue).

As an initial setup we have translated 2015 WordPress theme and almost completed the 1/4 translation of 2014 theme today( https://translate.wordpress.org/languages/ml ). Before that I have translated few strings of WordPress development and WordPress.com couple of months and still it is pending for approval. Couple of other guys also done the same in past and that is also still waiting for approval.

Therefore please consider me, Nithin and Nebu as Malayalam translation editors. Please note our profile links

https://profiles.wordpress.org/nitkr — Nithin

https://profiles.wordpress.org/nejwrks – Nebu

https://profiles.wordpress.org/mbigul — Myself

Thanks in Advance

With Regards


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