Polyglots team @ WordCamp London Contributor day

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to do a quick writeup of what we did today at WordCamp London’s Contributor day today:

New translators

We got some new translators introduced to the Polyglots team and had some translations added for Afrikaans, Bulgarian, French, Italian and Dutch.

New validator for Français de Belgique

Français de Belgique, fr-be.wordpress.org was one of the locales that didn’t have a validator. pauldewouters was at Contributor day today and volunteered to take over the locale. Thank you Paul and welcome to the team!

Polyglots handbook improvement collaboration doc

We created a Hackpad with suggestions for improving the Polyglots Hanbook.

It has some awesome suggestions we will be implementing shortly. If anyone wants to join in there and make more suggestions, go for it, you are more than welcome!

I want to thank everyone who showed up to contribute today!

Caspar, Taco, Elzette, Alex, Lily, Ivan, Franz, Paul. You guys were brilliant 🙂


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