Per-project permissions for Translation Editors (previously Validators)

Author shouldn’t show as validators or be able to validate strings – Meta Ticket 741

I’m happy to announce that we finally have a more granular system to manange permissions for 🎉🎊

Previously anyone with the role of Validator, Contributor, Author or Editor had the ability to validate strings for a language. Now we have a new role Translation Editors. The role is a complementary role and can be assigned to editors, authors, contributors or subscribers.
The Users list table has a new column which will display all roles of a user.


Only users with the Translation Editors have the the ability to validate and approve strings. To promote a user to a translation editor you can use the action link in the Users list table (see screenshot above) or use the new page Users > Translation Editors.

The page is similar to the Users list table but lists only translation editors.


Here you can also add new translation editors. This form allows you to specify for which projects the editor should get access. With All Projects selected, the translation editor will have validation permissions for all projects, including newly-added projects.

If you select Custom you will be redirected to an Edit Translation Editor screen.


Here you can select one or more projects. The list includes all 12 “master projects”. The editor will have access to all sub projects and newly-added sub projects of a selected “master project”.

With this update badges for translation editors are now automated too. ~300 users have already a new badge! 💥
(Badges are visible at

The migration process has moved all validators to the new Translation Editor role, same for editors. Users with the Validator role now have the Subscriber role. All translation editors were whitelisted for all projects, which can be changed as needed. Contributors and authors are untouched. Each team should do a case-by-case review if a contributor/author should be able to approve strings.

I hope you enjoy the update as much as I do. 😀
If you have any questions feel free to use the comments or ping @ocean90 on Slack.

(Badges for translation contributors will come soon.)