Hello I recently started to contribute to the…

Hello, I recently started to contribute to the Codex in Spanish. However I am finding it is somewhat difficult to start editing without knowing Wiki tags used by WordPress. There are some tags that can be effectively translated into another language, for example, {{WarningMsg|Hey pay attention!}} puts a WARNING: tag before the text, this tag can be translated into Russian like this {{ru:WarningMsg}} however, doing the same for Spanish doesn’t work as expected {{es:WarningMsg}} just displays {{es:WarningMessage}} instead of ATENCIÓN:

I am wondering if there are missing tags for language cross references, where can I find the list of tags used by WordPress CodexWordPress Codex Living online manual to WordPress.org https://codex.wordpress.org/, in case there are translations missing for tags how can they be added or which team is to be contacted to request its addition?

Thanks in advance.

#codex-spanish, #codex-translation, #request