Instructions for 4.0 which will be released in…

Instructions for 4.0, which will be released in the next 15-30 minutes:

  • The need to create a localized build through the Rosetta form is unchanged for 4.0. This will go away very soon, but we couldn’t get all the ducks in a row to make this go away for 4.0. I’m trying for 4.0.1. Thank you so much for your patience as we work to make the experience painless for all of you.
  • As usual, you will build your release off the 4.0 tag, which will exist soon. Since you’re building off of 4.0, you don’t need the revision number (HEAD is fine), but it’s 29485.
  • CHECK YOUR BUILD FIRST. Especially $wp_version in wp-includes/version.php.
  • If you have WPLANG defined in wp-config-sample.php, the build will be rejected. If you don’t translate this file and this file is thus an exact copy of the core file, you may delete it. Only mess with trunk / 4.0, not dist directories from 3.9 or earlier.
  • Thanks to your feedback, the language chooser will not show for a localized build. For the regular build, it will show. These languages are via the API at and reflect any translations that are 100% for all three projects (wp/dev, wp/dev/admin, wp/dev/admin/network). Percent completion is checked periodically and language packs are then built.
  • (This is mainly for @pavelevap…) If you are not at 100% for all three projects, you may ask for me to manually trigger an incomplete language pack, for the purposes of being available in the language chooser. I’d rather not, though — this is API-driven and we can always get the language in there once you finish your translation.
  • Do not forget to 100% translate Akismet. There were no string changes in the default themes.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment, and @ocean90 or I will address them. If there is an urgent issue, please ping me in #wordpress-polyglots or #wordpress-dev.

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