You have about 14 hours to complete your…

You have about 14 hours to complete your translations for WordPress 4.0.

I’ve added one last string, “Release Lead,” for use on the credits page. If you were at 100% for 4.0, don’t worry, you have a language pack built already, but it’d be nice if you could translate this.

Please ensure you are 100% for wp/dev, wp/dev/admin, and wp/dev/admin/network. Currently 19 languages have done this (minus the new string).

pl_PL, he_IL, my_MM, and eu (Basque) are all at 100% for wp/dev but are not at 100% for the administration projects. Another 30 languages are at 90% or higher for wp/dev — so close!

WPLANG should be removed from wp-config-sample.php. If you have a custom wp-config-sample.php file in your SVN trunk/dist directory, please update it. See how German did it here.

If you are translating via SVN please make sure you are importing each of your PO files into, for language packs.

More launch day instructions to follow. Thanks for your patience. If you have any specific questions you’d like me to answer, please include them below so I can be sure to cover them in my instructions.

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