Please verify the WordPress version before releasing localized…

Please verify the WordPress version before releasing localized versions.

For WordPress 3.9 and 3.9.1 a handful of localized builds were compiled against an incorrect tag/head/revision and released, the effect of this is, in this case resulted in end users WordPress installs would now display that they are now running `4.0-alpha`. There is no obvious way to repair the WordPress install once this happens.

Here is the fix from the support thread for 3.9.x releases, it is a simple fix though extremely annoying and frustrating for end users.

Once you have ‘built’ your localized version of WordPress please download the release to your local PC, extract the archive and confirm that the `$wp_version = ` in `/wp-includes/version.php` matches the version of WordPress you are expecting to release, once that is confirmed then go ahead and click ‘release’.

I know @nacin is working to resolve and improve the tools we use to avoid these types of situations and until that is the case manually verifying the version only takes an extra minute before you ‘release’.

Cheers, Stephen

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