Since Rosetta sites are in flux to a…

Since Rosetta sites are in flux to a more robust and usable form, here’s a suggestion of guidelines for everyone to comment on.

They concern linking from your language’s Rosetta site to the outside; some links to third-party (external) community sites, such as local community sites and links to community support forums (until that feature is added for your locale on are accepted practice. In the best interest of the WordPress project, additional expectations are listed here:

1. Rosetta sites are expected to benefit the WordPress community rather than specific business(es) or individual(s).  (Note the general expectations for translating WordPress.)

2. To avoid any conflict of interest, it’s expected that validators and translators will not use their own sites as examples of good WordPress sites in their showcase.  The WordPress community is large and examples of WordPress sites are very easy to find.

3. Rosetta sites are expected to avoid advertising and affiliate marketing and to link only to websites that benefit the local community.