One glossary to rule them all

First of all, thanks for glossary. It’s a life saving functionality.

I’m currently validating lots of project and trying to maintain order between them. Glossary is a very helpful tool to accomplish this but it’s project specific. Is there a way to use a common glossary for selected projects or for all of them?

Please don’t say import/export. It’s not functional when you try to keep all glossaries from all projects updated. For example when translating or validating a project, you see a term which needs to be put in glossary. You can’t add it to just that project if it’s a very general term. You have to put it to all glossaries. Yoı choose a projects glossary as primary glossary and update it, export it and import it every project you’re validating.

Possible solutions;

  • A single glossary for all projects
  • Import functionality betweeen glossaries
  • Inheritance (When you create a glossary you choose a parent and with this it contains all the terms of parent glossary)

TL;DR -> title ^ ^

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