WordPress 3.9 update

As mentioned in @xibe‘s thread, all strings for WordPress 3.9 have now been vetted and are ready to be translated. There are about 250 new stringsString A string is a translatable part of the software. A translation consists of a multitude of localized strings. across the frontend, admin, and network admin. Most are short and simple, and come from one of two places: media and the TinyMCE editor.

Additionally, Akismet has been spun off from the main WordPress POT files. This will be included in your main package download. (You’ll be able to test this in a bit.) It looks like about 89 strings are new for Akismet 3.0.

Additionally, there will be an about page, and possibly some help updates. I’m going to see to it that those are done by April 1. We plan to releaseRelease A release is the distribution of the final version of an application. A software release may be either public or private and generally constitutes the initial or new generation of a new or upgraded application. A release is preceded by the distribution of alpha and then beta versions of the software. on or about April 16.

I don’t know when/if there will be a string freezeString freeze The term "string freeze" is used by the core team to mark the end of changes to the strings of an upcoming release. A string freeze also means that there will be no more strings added to the core project. Sometimes a string freeze has two phases a soft freeze and a hard freeze. A string freeze is announced on the Polyglots blog by the current release lead., but I don’t think it matters too much. Other than help/about, I don’t expect for there to be too many more strings added or changed — maybe 10-20 at most. Many teams have already completed everything so far. We’ll definitely have strings frozen by the weekend before our planned release. Again, everything has been vetted, so don’t expect much more churn — it is safe to get to work now.

As always, if you see a typo or other problem, please open a ticket. Or if you have an issue with a stringString A string is a translatable part of the software. A translation consists of a multitude of localized strings., feel free to open a new thread here.

Happy translating!

#3-9, #core