Resurrecting the Polyglots Contributor Handbook

Hello again polyglots!

One of things discussed at the chat a few weeks ago was the handbook for your team. Contributor handbooks are a great way to cover all the basic and even advanced parts of what your team does. (Check out the handbooks from the core and mobile teams for great examples.)

The polyglots contributor handbook was started by @nbachiyski and has been worked on by @nao as well. They’ve both done a great job so far!

I’d like to continue their work and get a full handbook published, with detailed pages just like the handbooks linked above.

Why is this important? A lot of questions come in to make/polyglots that could easily be answered if they were documented well. In fact, a lot of the answers are documented well already, but are scattered throughout this site and others. Let’s combine them and clean up everything so it’s incredibly easy for anyone to start a new translation of WordPress or pick up where someone else left off.

One of the most important parts of a good, consistent handbook is a good editor. @nao has agreed to act as editor!

I’ll be helping @nao bring content over from other places and put them in a new handbook. The current handbook and other pages will be merged into this handbook and updated as needed.

But @nao and I can’t do it alone! We need volunteers to help write new new pages. Are you interested in contributing in any way to the handbook? Leave a comment here with your level of interest so we can get to work making the handbook awesome. Thanks!