Notes from the Polyglots discussion at WordCamp London

Hi everyone,

Better late than never! Here my notes from the Polyglots discussion with @nacin, @defries, @markoheijnen, @coachbirgit and some other wonderful people at WordCamp London.

Pretty much all of these are things we agreed on.

  • Having official teams based on the .org user roles that are official on a page on as a point of contact for people wishing to contribute. Editors and administrators get there by default.
  • Contact form inquiries in the local .org sites being transformed into support questions on the local forum
  • Two levels of rights for per project validation – more strict for WordPress projects and the other for plugins, themes…
  • Plugin translation – a validator for a certain language to be able validate as well as the plugin author & existing contributors to that particular plugin

And some other issues that were discussed:

  • Per project validation – should there be a separate user role to grant per project validation rights
  • Fuzzy matching – strings in a related project
  • The problem with lost strings – Ex. If you move a string from administration to main or network admin, the translation gets lost


#discussion, #wordcamp-london