I think we pretty much all agree that…

I think we pretty much all agree that the Codex pages below suck, are outdated, and serve no real purpose:

  • https://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_in_Your_Language
  • https://codex.wordpress.org/L10n:Localization_Teams
  • https://codex.wordpress.org/L10n:Teams_Currently_Forming

Here’s a crazy idea:

Who, in this brilliant group of people, thinks she or he can develop the code needed to show the correct (and automatically updated) information on this P2, via shortcode, or otherwise? Ideally (and to keep it as simple as possible, it would list:

  • Language name (both English and local)
  • Link to the site
  • Team members’ (editors and validators) gravatar cards


  • xx.wordpress.org sites are part of a single multisite install
  • Nice code, i.e. guidelines! sanitize all the things! and so on
  • Whichever code we agree on will need to be reviewed (and possibly adapted) to run on wordpress.org
  • No guarantees that it’ll actually be implemented, but we need to start showing initiative ourselves.

We have many (very) capable devs here, let’s show some firepower, shall we?