number_format() bug ?

Hello everyone,

I’d like to share an issue we are having with the fr_FR translation for WP 3.5.2.

Typographically, the separator for thousands in French is a non-breaking space : (or

Therefore, the FR translation uses ” “:

#. translators: $thousands_sep argument for, default
#. is ,
#: wp-includes/locale.php:173
msgid "number_format_thousands_sep"
msgstr " "

The issue is that wsince version 3.5.2 and it accompagnying translation (at least — I have little access to my own computer equipment at the moment so cannot test further), WordPres only picks the ‘&’ — rendering with 1&000 when we’d like 1 000.

Reports from the French community seem to point to the a problem with the number_format() function’s multibyte support, which would be able to recognize ” ” properly with PHP 5.4, but not with PHP 5.3.

The issue can quickly be corrected in the translation itself (removing the non-breaking space for a simple space or even nothing at all so as to not have numbers everywhere), but it would be great to be typographically correct, and therefore assert if this is a bug or not. It seems it didn’t apply to 3.5.1 et al., but I cannot test for sure from where I am.

Has anyone seen this in other languages? Typically, the Dashboard stats would display numbers as 1&234 instead of 1234 or 1 234.

Nacin and other core devs hanging around, does a conflict between number_format() and PHP 5.3/5.4 seem plausible to you?

Thank you very much.