We’re still aiming to release WordPress 3.5 tomorrow…

We’re still aiming to release WordPress 3.5 tomorrow (target is 16:00 UTC). In the meantime, we’ve made two more string changes in the interest of clarifying some of the gallery settings. Both suggestions came from translators (and others) —

  • “Random” (with the context “gallery order”) is now “Random Order”
  • “Describe this image…” is now “Caption this image…”

Note there are also “Describe this audio/video/file…” strings, but they can only be triggers by plugins for WordPress 3.5, so I didn’t want to needlessly give you three more strings to translate.

That’s it, by the way. We’ve continued to make a few tweaks but at this point, if it hasn’t been proposed or reported, we’re done.

You guys rock, talk to you tomorrow!

#3-5, #core, #string-freeze