Hello all, there were two (very short) strings added after WordPress 3.5’s string freeze to account for some final changes to the media UI:

  • “Add to Gallery”, the title of a screen. There is also “Add to gallery” (a button), which was added previously.
  • “Reverse order”, used on a button to flip the sort order of a gallery.

Two more strings already existed, but they moved from the admin to the frontend. If these strings were longer, I would try to manually copy it over from the other project, but it is probably easier if you just re-translate it:

  • “No items found.”
  • “Set featured image”

I appreciate your understanding.

Our target release date remains Wednesday, December 5, 2012. Zé asked for a prediction as to time. I’m not sure yet, but the window would be between 1600 UTC and 2330 UTC, hopefully toward the earlier side but you never know.