Hi there I am working on 2 different…

Hi there. I am working on 2 different set of translation for Azerbaijani Turkish. The language is known as “Azerbaijani” and it is the official language of Republic of Azerbaijan. It is being written using modified Latin script. However, there are many more people are sharing the same language, but theirs is not recognized yet. Azerbaijanis (South) living in Islamic Republic of Iran are more than 35,000,000 compare to 9,000,000 in Republic of Azerbaijan (North). They use script derived from Arabic. Now, I am working on translation for both scripts. Already has created basic files, with main words used in back-end and front-end but, there is a long way to go.
I need assistance for how to:

  • Create/Join the translation team for both languages
  • Upload and maintain the language files
  • Update and announce modifications

Also, the code for North Azerbaijani language is az_AZ but there is no official code for South Azerbaijani. I will set it as ak_AK. I have checked with the language code directory and it is not taken.