When you click media library in WP it…

When you click media library in WP, it opens a page with list of different files on your server. If you see just above the right column of this page, you will see this –
2016 items << >>.

Now what I wanted to drive at, is that why this text box showing a “1” is given in such a beautiful WP. Its useless. I experimented with it in many ways…
First I thought it is given for the convenience that if you want to go to a page, say 47 or 109, 78 and so on, then just type in your required page number in it and press enter. You will be displayed with your page number.
But no. This is not the case.
It is just there. Purely useless….!
Actually if you want to go to a page, say Page-104, then you have to click (>) this arrow, 103 times….!

How absurd…! How monotonous…..!

I appeal the designers of WP to please work on it so that it will have certain useful feature of real searching for a particular page….

One may say that there is already a “Search” function given just above it.

Then my question is: “Why the text box…? [___1___]