I want to talk about BuddyPress As you…

I want to talk about BuddyPress. As you know this plug-in is one of the biggest WordPress users. In Japan, there are many potential users but confused by Japanese .po file. In Japan the most well known .po file for BuddyPress version is 1.2.3. The working group final sentence is ‘we will one of the sub group of WordPress translation.’ I’ve never found remaining activities. On the other hand, BuddyPress most current release is 1.5.5. In the formal statistics of translation table, Japanese process is about 73%. Many Japanese users give up to use BuddyPress including me.
One of my jobs is professional translator from English version into Japanese. So, i started to contribute translation now a mid nights. but who is validatorValidator See translation editor. for BuddyPress translation ? I’m afraid a Japanese validator went away or sleep well. Who can make wake up him/her or finding successor ? The worst case is not released any new po file. Many Japanese users has lost/ will loose chance to use great BuddyPress.
I’d liket to listen to some guru’s opinion.