I’ve a couple of doubts In Aragonese team…

I’ve a couple of doubts:
In Aragonese team, we have completed and validated the core strings: translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp/dev/an/ , continents & cities as well as 2010, 2011 and 2012 themes… (admin, and network/admin will arrive later). Does it makes sense to import them into ver 3.3 (especially if most strings were common) to try and have a 3.3 package?

I’ve also come across this glotpress instance at wordpress.com where one can translate “wordpress.com” http://translate.wordpress.com/projects/wpcom . I understand we’re localizing the software at wordpress.org, and in wordpress.com one translates the strings of the “website” wordpress.com , so that one can access wordpress.com through the interface in one’s language. Am I right? But still I wonder if wordpress.com allows to use all available languages, or it is necessary to have wp.com translated into one language before users can use it in their blogs hosted in wp.com.