In GlotPress you may need to export 3.3…

In GlotPressGlotPress GlotPress is the translation management software that powers More information is available at, you may need to export 3.3.x/ms stringsString A string is a translatable part of the software. A translation consists of a multitude of localized strings. and import them into dev.

For 3.4, we’re changing how we split strings into multiple pot files. Since 3.0, we’ve done a generic POT and then a second POT for multisiteMultisite Multisite is a WordPress feature which allows users to create a network of sites on a single WordPress installation. Available since WordPress version 3.0, Multisite is a continuation of WPMU or WordPress Multiuser project. WordPress MultiUser project was discontinued and its features were included into WordPress core. We are now going to be doing a frontend POT, an admin POT, and a network admin POT. The projects have been added to GlotPress here and here.

While merging and splitting projects in GlotPress, some strings got orphaned. Before you go re-translate all of the missing strings, first go to The platform for contributing to the translation of WordPress core, themes and plugins./projects/wp/3.3.x/ms, export a po file, and import it into both wp/dev/admin and wp/dev/admin/network. Everything should be back to normal.

Cheers, and sorry for the trouble. For more, see ticket 19852.

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