Hello Zé We have a little problem with…

Hello, Zé,

We have a little problem with the credits page, in the translators section.

The system reflects the profiles of the translators that had any approved translation in GlotPressGlotPress GlotPress is the translation management software that powers Translate.WordPress.org. More information is available at glotpress.org.. In our case, it only appears one translator. We omit, therefore, all the translators who make great contributions through the translation of .po filesPO files PO files are human readable files which contain translations we use. These files are not used by WordPress itself. Each language will have its own PO file, for example, for French there would be a fr_FR.po file, for german there would be a de_DE.po, for British English there might be en_GB.po., leaving aside the GlotPress platform.

Another problem we have is that some translators do not want to be in the credits page.

Maybe in the future you could develope a privacy tool, eg. in the profile configuration of the WP.org account, allowing us to choose if we want to appear in the credits pages. Or, if it is not possible, a tool or a file on the svn to manually configure the translators that will appear on the credits page for each language.

Thanks in advance.

#credits, #gl_es