This post concerns a serious problem with the…

This post concerns a serious problem with the iOSiOS The operating system used on iPhones and iPads. app to Chinese users.

Our users report that after their upgrading to version 2.8.1, they are no longer able to type Chinese on the composer screen. I tried and now I can prove this problem really exists.

Most Simplified Chinese users depend on the iOS build-in Pinyin IME to type Chinese on the Qwerty keyboard; and a combination of several letters denote several possible Chinese character / word matches, and users choose from several candidates offered by the IME. (See this screenshot to see how it is expected to work, as in most apps.)

But in the WordPress for iOS app, the candidates cannot be shown. Therefore users became unable to type.

I hope this problem could be investigated and solved as soon as possible. And I really appreciate your hard work. I don’t know if this problem affects other languages.

#ios, #zh_cn