This post concerns the Chinese Credits page Hope…

This post concerns the Chinese Credits page. Hope @nacin and @vanillalounge or anyone else this may concern could take a look.

First I am happy to see that the Chinese separator (“、”) is in place on the contributor’s list, but there’s an imperfection that in Chinese we use “。” rather than “.” to indicate the ending of a sentence. So I have one suggestion: to substitue “.” with “。”, or you can just remove the ending period.

I just discovered that this is managed by the po translation files. So no need to fix on the API side. Sorry for this. Please see my next issue:

Another thing I want to report is that the current translator list is inaccurate for Chinese. I don’t know how about other languages, but for Chinese it is not. None of the current 4 “validators” indicated on the Credits page is a currently active validator. It should have jiehanzheng (me) for WordPress, and musiclog for bbPress Plugin. kingler and Paveo also worked on WordPress, but they no longer do. Please help remove those who are inactive if possible.

Thank you.

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