Hello Ngwestar Zé advice me to comment on…

Hello Ngwestar,
Zé advice me to comment on your post but I write a new post here.
I don’t want to make an argument about burmese unicode here because this site is not meant for that issue.
But I think I need to explain why I use Ayar Unicode instead of other Unicode you mentioned.
Before I start this project, I look for which Unicode should use in translation.
I test Padauk, Myazedi, Myanmar 3 and Ayar. Ayar is the last font I tested.
I find out that Padauk, Myazedi and Myanmar 3 have some rendering problems and typo problem.
You said Ayar is not unicode and only fonts you mentioned are unicode. I don’t think that so.
You know, Ayar follow all unicode code points and differ with other font in some glymphs’ encoding method.
See http://www.unicode.org/standard/WhatIsUnicode.html

It says – Even for a single language like English no single encoding was adequate for all the letters, punctuation, and technical symbols in common use.

These encoding systems also conflict with one another. That is, two encodings can use the same number for two different characters, or use different numbers for the same character. Any given computer (especially servers) needs to support many different encodings; yet whenever data is passed between different encodings or platforms, that data always runs the risk of corruption.

So actually, in Myanmar Unicode range, there are 5 different ethnic group’s languages, — Burmese, Mon, Shan, Karen, Kayah–, and they have their own language nature. So they need different encoding methods. At least 3 encoding methods need for Myanmar Languages.
All the fonts you mentioned as unicode fonts support only some of them. Even Padauk font which include all glymphs in Myanmar Unicode Range, cannot use all 5 of this ethnic groups’ languages. Padauk have some display error in Mon. Only Ayar Unicode can read or write all 5 of ethnic group’s languages.

Beside Unicode.org says – Unicode provides a unique number for every character, no matter what the platform, no matter what the program, no matter what the language.
Only Ayar has cross platform compatibility. None of them, you mentioned as unicode, use in Mac OS. Only Ayar can do that. None of them cannot use in adobe systems. Only Ayar can use in adobe systems. I tested it and it can work perfectly in Adobe CS3.

All the fonts you mentioned as unicode are only meant for Micorsoft Platform in very limited Applications. And also meant for only use in burmese languages, not for all the languages include in Myanmar Unicode range. We have a plan to translate for all ethnic groups. We have very active translation team. So the font use for WP translation needs to fully support all the ethnic groups. I wrote in our official site that I will change Ayar unicode to other unicode if that unicode can do everything ayar can do now. Don’t worry about data interchangable, Ayar has many tools for it and working to improve. Don’t worry about wiki page, Ayar is working for wikipages using ayar unicode.
Ayar Unicode do not to advertise because Ayar is not commercial font.
WordPress need to compatible with GNU General Public License, Version 2. Ayar’s License is fully compatible with GNU General Public License, Version 2.

By the way, I’m not, at this time, Ayar’s officail member. I work individually.

For further discussion about this unicode issues, come to our translation team’s official site http://atp.ayar.co/ .