The Proposed New Guidelines Must Be Revised

Following WCEU and in reviewing the number of changes people have brought up regarding the proposed new guidelines, I have determined that they will need some more work and a re-proposal in the coming months.

The main issues people have raised are:

  1. Limiting what kind of notices are permitted unbalances the state in a manner that would give an unfair advantage to larger plugins, or developer that have multiple plugins.
  2. Permanent dismissibility is really easy to work around by using content spinners or just changing the language slightly. That would be impossible to monitor and wouldn’t help users at all.

In addition there were a LOT of small language fixes involved in the process, which I feel should be re-reviewed from the top down.

In the coming months, I’ll be making a new pull request with a new attempt at this, taking all that advice into account.

Thank you everyone for your help on this! It’s not an easy process to craft guidelines that are equitable and understandable, and I hope we’ll have a better version soon.