[Resolved] Plugin Updates Currently Slow

1930 UTC March 31 – The servers are now back in sync, but please be kind. Rewind. Or at least wait more than normal for updates to packages 🙂 Multiple pushes not necessary today.

Original Post

Every time someone submits a change to a plugin via SVN, the plugin zips are rebuilt and the change is sync’d across multiple servers.

At this moment (1700 UTC March 31) it’s running SLOWLY.

I know normally when your changes don’t show up in 30 minutes, people will push a small change to the readme to ‘trigger’ a rebuild.

Please do not do that at this time!

Literally the server is just running a little slowly and is behind by a few hundred commits. It will catch up in time. Please be patient. It’s currently taking around 3-6 hours to catch up to commits. This will clear up, but adding more commits to the queue won’t help 🙂 Basically in this case, please stop pressing the elevator button.

Perhaps ironically, we did just send out the email to you all asking you to make changes to update your readme to 4.5 compatibility. This is part of the fallout from that. On the plus side, it looks like record numbers of you are actually doing it so yay!

We’ll update this post with any new information as it happens. Until then, go out for a walk or make dinner or something away from SVN. Thanks.