Tis the Season for Snow

Edit: Please read this understanding we LITERALLY mean don’t submit a snow plugin that is 100% the same code as another one. If you have a new way to do it, or a functional change, that’s different. But if it’s a basic ‘this plugin makes snow show on your blog’ and it’s not different from the 21 I listed here, we’re probably going to reject it. We encourage innovation.

Every year about this time, we get people submitting plugins to make it snow on a website.

Besides the fact that making it snow can make your site inaccessible to people with visual issues, we actually have a lot of snow plugins.

No, we have a blizzard of them.

And unless your brand new ‘snow’ plugin does something in a magically new and different way, we’re not going to accept it.

We’re all about innovation and creating new ways to solve problems. That’s why we allow so many similar plugins in the first place. There are a hundred ways around design decisions, and we love how people create their solutions. There just aren’t that many ways to make it snow, though, and in the last two years, I haven’t seen a single new ‘snow’ plugin that didn’t do things another one already did.

If you’re going to submit a snow plugin, please make sure it’s significantly different from the ones we already have. Make sure it does something in a cool way.

To help you with that, here’s a randomly ordered list of only some of the plugins that make it snow. I picked the top 21. There are more.

If you want to code this just for your own coding exercise, awesome. But for now, if it’s not terribly different than what we already have, please put it on Github.