Getting Support Notifications For Your Plugin

When you have a plugin, it’s important that you get notified when people have support questions. We have a way for you to keep up to date on these things and have since the Great Plugin Refresh of 2012. But for those of you who missed the news or need a refresher, here we go.

All Plugins

We’ve always had a couple convenience views of plugin-committers and plugin-contributors, and these are still there as well. Committers are managed in on the Admin tab (i.e. people who have access to commit code via SVN), while contributors are taken from readme.txt (which is why it’s important for you to use the proper WPORG forum ID, capitalization and all).

Example URLS:

Your username is case sensitive. Otto42 will work, otto42 will not. Not sure what yours is? Go to (yes, that works for everyone) and look at the header:

Example of Otto's profile, his name is capitalized

The name in the grey header is capitalized, thus he must use a capital_O_dangit.

Otto fixed this, lowercase works, still, check your login name because I know some of you have weird spaces and stuff

Since anyone can add you as a plugin contributor, I recommend following plugin-committer.

The RSS URLs for this look like

At this time, we don’t have email for this.

Per Plugin

Every single plugin allows you to follow it by email. Go to the Support Page for your plugin, scroll down to the bottom, and you’ll see this:

Example of Email/RSS links

RSS and email. Done. Even if there are no posts you can register for those emails, so make that a part of your workflow.

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