Welcome the contributor handbook for the Photos Team!

About the Photo Directory

The WordPress Photo Directory is both a curated source of free, high-quality photographs and a new submission tool for Openverse, powered by the WordPress community. Without it, you’d need to use Flickr, Wikimedia Commons, or other sources to submit your work to Openverse.

The WordPress Photo Directory aims to be a trusted place for the community to create, share, discover, and reuse free and openly licensed media. Photos submitted to the WordPress Photo Directory images are intended to be licensed with the CC0 public domain tool.

The WordPress Photo Directory welcomes contributions in different forms. One of the best ways to get involved is by submitting your photos:

  • Anyone with a wordpress.org account can contribute  to the photo directory. All submissions must meet these guidelines to ensure the quality of content. 
  • Photos will also be categorized and tagged to facilitate searching. Once a submission gets approved, it will be automatically added to the WordPress Photo Directory and the Openverse search engine.

You can also report issues with the directory, or become a Photo Directory moderator.

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Relationship between Openverse and the Photo Directory

It is worth noting that Openverse and the WordPress Photo Directory are separate projects. However, they are complementary in that the images from the directory are discoverable via the Openverse search. All WordPress Photo Directory images can be viewed in Openverse.

You can also contribute to Openverse!

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