Bug Scrubs

Bug scrubs are conducted throughout the WordPress project as a way to quickly review Trac tickets and identify next steps. The Performance Team holds a monthly bug scrub on the first Wednesday of the month and the current meeting time is always up-to-date on the Meetings calendar.

How to facilitate

  • At the top of the hour, announce the start of the bug scrub with a /here command and <bug-scrub>
  • Share a link to the performance-tagged tickets for the next milestone; example: performance tickets for 6.1
  • Link the first ticket for discussion
  • After 5 minutes (or more, depending on the length/complexity of the ticket), ask someone to leave a summary of the discussion on the ticket
  • Link to the next ticket for discussion
  • Repeat this process until the top of the hour
  • At the end of the session, close with </bug-scrub>

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