Openverse 2024 Planning: We Want Your Ideas!

As we near the close of 2023, our sights are set on the horizon of the coming year. OpenverseOpenverse Openverse is a search engine for openly-licensed media, including images and audio. Find Openverse on GitHub and at has grown incredibly over the past year, thanks to the countless contributions, feedback, and ideas of our passionate community members. We have had some excellent successes this year, including:

This project thrives on collaboration, and as we begin plotting our course for 2024, we want to hear from you. Have an idea that could improve Openverse? Noticed a feature gap we haven’t addressed? Have suggestions to improve existing features? We are eager to hear all about it!

How to Contribute Your Idea:

  1. Post a Comment Below – Share your idea in the comments section of this blog post.
  2. Provide a Clear Summary – Begin with a concise summary of your idea to give everyone a clear snapshot.
  3. If possible, Include an In-depth Description – After your summary, dive into a more detailed explanation. The more information you provide, the better we can understand and evaluate your proposal. If you aren’t sure what the feature looks like from a technical standpoint, that’s okay!

Things to Consider:

  • How will your idea improve or expand Openverse?
  • Who benefits from this idea? (Is it for developers, end-users, or both?)
  • Are there potential challenges or pitfalls to consider?
  • If possible, provide examples or use-cases.

Remember, Openverse is not just a tool or a platform—it’s a collaborative vision. It’s the collective input from individuals like you that makes Openverse truly special and continuously evolving. We’re committed to ensuring that our project reflects the needs and aspirations of the community.

Whether you’re a seasoned Openverse contributor or someone who recently came across our project, your voice matters. Let’s come together, share insights, and craft the future of Openverse. We appreciate your input!

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