Community Meeting Recap (2023-07-11)

[Meeting Start]

📝 Agenda

Design-related issue prioritization

Some design-related issues stay in the backlog without being implemented. One such example is ticket #547, which proposes a significant improvement, but wasn’t implemented for a long time.

We agreed to review the design-related issues to add the design status (“design: needed”, “design: in discussion” and “design: ready”), set the appropriate priority label, and move the relevant issues to the “To Do” column. This can be done at every monthly prioritization meeting.

In general, we should introduce a better process for reassessing all old issue prioritization, maybe during a sync session a few times a year.

Frontend error pages discussion

The discussion needs some input before we start updating the error page designs:

Catalog Performance Testing Results

@stacimc has published an excellent RFC on “Catalog Performance Testing Results”.

[Meeting End]