Thinking towards 2023

The OpenverseOpenverse Openverse is a search engine for openly-licensed media, including photos, audio, and video. Openverse is also the name for the collection of related code repositories that make up the project. find Openverse at community has been discussing plans for upcoming projects and our vision for the coming year in a few different places. I’d like to suggest we focus all remaining discussion here.

I am personally curious around the following guiding questions:

1. What could we approve on from the approach taken in our 2022 roadmap?
2. What guiding, big-picture goals should inform our work in 2023?
3. What projects might we take on, related to those goals?

I’d like to propose we take about 3 weeks to discuss these topics in depth, supplemented with synchronous sessions. We can move our community “priorities” meeting one week earlier to accommodate this. I’ll post about that shortly.