Mobile Dev Chat Summary for Sep 26 2012…

Mobile Dev Chat Summary for Sep 26, 2012

We had a shorter meeting this week but still had some good discussion (chat log):


  • WPAndroid 2.2. Launch Update
  • 3.5 XML-RPC Improvements
  • WPWindowsPhone 1.7 Discussion

WPAndroid 2.2. Launch Update

3.5 XML-RPC Improvements

  • Patch for #21397 was reviewed with some feedback, and @markoheijnen updated it and added a new patch. Team is doing their best to get this in 3.5 still.

WPWindowsPhone 1.7 Discussion

  • A bit of trac cleanup for 1.7 has been done, but more needed. @irbrad will review the milestone.
  • @daniloercoli has picked up a few tickets and will likely start dev next week.
  • We discussed how to get up and running with the Windows Phone 8 SDK.

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Mobile Dev Chat Sep 19, 2012

Summary of this week’s dev chat. chat log.


  • WPiOS 3.1.4 heads up
  • WPAndroid 2.2 check-in
  • XML-RPC check-in
  • New welcome screen/signup/connection flow discussion

WPiOS 3.1.4 heads up

We denoted that we’re doing some work to stay compatible with iOS6 and the upcoming iPhone 5. This release is due to be submitted today.

WPAndroid 2.2 check-in

The app was released for the BlackBerry PlayBook last Monday. There have been bugs with the release but we’ve issued bug fix releases. Now another issue has arisen and we’re prepping yet another bug fix release. The announcement is still due so we’ll make sure we post it asap (today is the plan). Look for it on the WordPress for Android Blog!

XML-RPC check-in

Max is doing the final review of the XML-RPC patches the mobile team has worked on (Jorge). There’s a write-up post on the status of all API enhancements going into 3.5 just below this post

New welcome screen/signup/connection flow discussion (was labeled “Sign up tweak”, among others, in the meeting)

Matt had brought up that our current welcome screen in all the apps has three options where most apps only have two – sign in or sign up (and perhaps one or two ways to sign in using a third party like Twitter or Facebook). We discussed this and after going back and forth for a bit seems like we all agreed the following would be best:

  • Sign up screen has two options (may be buttons): Connect Blog, Sign Up (copy is very likely to change)
  • Connect Blog has 3 fields, the specific log in screen is gone.
    1. URL (optional, with a placeholder that hints at the field only being necessary for self-hosted blogs)
    2. Username (just saying “Username”, not trying to specify .org or .com)
    3. Password (see ^)
  • This new flow would be a good opportunity to…
    • Use the same Geolocation toggle for both .org and .com.
    • Be consistent about actionable buttons (right now you log in automatically with a wpcom blog, but .org you need to press Save to continue).
    • Revisit the welcome screen – maybe we can make all the Connect fields visible when you first launch the app (not hidden behind a button).
    • Update/add error messages for the sign up flow to aid the optional URL field and provide a smoother set up altogether.


Please join us next week for the mobile dev chat, 15:00 UTC Wednesday.

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Mobile Dev Chat Sep 5, 2012

Summary of this week’s dev chat. IRC log.


  • WPAndroid 2.2 and fixes
  • Help needed for WPiOS 3.2
  • WPWindowsPhone 1.7 road map and planning
  • Core XML-RPC tickets status

WPAndroid 2.2 and fixes

Things are going well with version 2.2 so far but a few bugs surfaced. A bug fix update was issued (v. 2.2.1) and submitted earlier today. There’s been some reports about Stats not working correctly, we’ve been working with people in the WordPress for Android forums to try and resolve these and figure out where Stats fails. A big thing seems to be that the Stats page is simply a really big page load.

A huge win with version 2.2 is that almost all crashes seems to be gone – the app is becoming very stable.

We discussed the need to have fields for Jetpack credentials in the Blog Settings area within the app (like we do for WPiOS since WPiOS 3.1.3). We decided it would be nice to have but are holding off for now.

Game plan for the next week.

Help needed for WPiOS 3.2

We’re half way there for Featured Image support, should be in before the end of the week. Notifications needs tweaks to load faster and work better (Automattic will work on this).

The visual editor is in and there’s now a toggle to switch between the visual editor and the HTML mode. Working on disabling the visual editor for non iOS5+ devices, then we can start testing for real. Should be ready for testing towards the end of the week. We discussed problems with unrecognized tags and how we should deal with it – we need to flesh this out more.

We need help closing tickets as Trac is still looking pretty grim. We’ll look over the current batch of tickets to figure out what’s still feasible to do in 3.2 and move the rest to Future Release. We’ll also try to work on specific areas within the app to remain focused.

Game plan for the next week.

WPWindowsPhone 1.7 road map and planning

We discussed the 1.7 milestone and what our priorities should be as well as what we may have missed. It’s clear that Local Drafts is the most important enhancement listed, followed by combining the Comments screens (regular comments list and bulk moderation) to one list and low hanging fruit (Media positioning, maybe a better formatting toolbar – we’ll discuss this on the dev blog) in the Post Editor.

To make sure the app doesn’t fall behind further we should also add Featured Image support in the app.

Edit Comment was not discussed, but being an enhancement likely to be dropped (moved to Future Release for now).

The rest of the 1.7 milestone is a go, but we need clarification on some tickets.

Urgent todos posted on the dev blog.

Core XML-RPC tickets status

After the bug scrub we’ve updated the patches. We’re now waiting to get them reviewed again – but it looks like the Revisions/Previews enhancements are a go for version 3.5. The revisions should also make implementing Gallery support in the apps easier. Soft freeze today!


Please join us next week for the mobile dev chat, 15:00 UTC Wednesday.

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Mobile Dev Chat Aug 29, 2012

Summary of the dev chat held in IRC on Aug 29, 2012. Chat log.


  • WPiOS 3.2 cycle status update, todos
  • WPAndroid 2.2 status update (we’re in beta!)
  • WPWindowsPhone 1.7 planning and heads up
  • Core revisions and preview API in 3.5

WPiOS 3.2 cycle status update, todos

  • We went over the current status of version 3.2 and noted progress on Featured Image support, visual editor for iPad iOS5+, and Notifications screen for + comment notifications. Visual editor and Notifications for are in trunk, however in a very rough state, but we’re moving along steadily. There are plenty of tickets open in Trac though and plenty for would-be contributors to look into!
  • We discussed the visual editor a bit, reiterating the need to have it not tamper with posts in an unexpected way. The toolbar will need to be changed a bit to accommodate the new editor (indicating “active” status). @irbrad is going to look into some of the top plugins that alter/hook into the editor and how we need to tackle those in the app. To test this properly we’ll need to compare existing (old) posts from a large number of different websites and make sure that the markup/content is not altered in a negative way by using the app. Special care needs to be taken to shortcodes and full embeds.

WPAndroid 2.2 status update (we’re in beta!)

  • The app’s in beta, and it’s going well so far. Some issues/concerns have come up: Featured Image support is not checked remotely (we’ll work on this) and tapping images to open details in the post editor is cumbersome at times.

WPWindowsPhone 1.7 planning and heads up

  • While there’s no ETA on when the dev cycle could start just yet, we foresee this cycle starting right around WPiOS 3.2 is out.
  • There’s a tentative road map in Trac already, to bring the app up to speed with the other apps, prepare it for Windows Phone 8, and resolve lingering UX issues.
  • @maxcutler highlighted that Windows Phone 7 apps will work on Windows Phone 8, and so our aim should be to improve the app and not exclude older devices – especially since these can’t upgrade .
  • Some concerns were raised about the app developed by Automattic for Windows 8, that it doesn’t fit so well into this new suite of OS’s and software that’s coming from Microsoft. We’ll need to think it through, but it may make sense to help turn this app into a full “regular” WordPress app with management capabilities and support for self-hosted blogs.

Core revisions and preview API in 3.5

  • @mrroundhill brought up the need for an improved Gallery API, although it may be a tight fit to do in time for 3.5. We decided that it would be best to hold off on gallery support in the apps for now, until the API is improved. Post revisions should help with this.
  • The feature freeze is coming up and it’s time to complete the patches and send ’em in, so it’s now the biggest priority to get the patches in that we need. @kokejb still has the lead here but should call in help accorndingly.

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