WordPress iPhone App Mockup. New But Familiar

I want to thank Aaron for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts.

I love WordPress. My life changed because of it. It’s part of who i am today.

Looking at the WordPress app for iPhone i felt there is something missing. The simplicity and freshness of iOS 7.

I created this mockup to highlight my idea and changes to the current WordPress iPhone design. My goal was simple. Create something new. Make it look familiar.

WordPress iPhone app Mockup by Stefanos Kofopoulos

Current design (left). Mockup design (right). By Stefanos Kofopoulos

Think of it as upgrading from iOS 6 to iOS 7 and then to iOS 8. Simpler. Crisper. High contrast. Works on all iPhones and screen sizes running iOS 7 or newer.

All items calling for user interaction come with an explanatory icon and legend. Text can be translated to resonate with international users and complement the icon. Vice versa too.

In case of text only interactions (eg Settings, Edit) a different color is used. Strings translations will complement the difference in color and resonate with users too.

All elements and graphics used are iOS 8 native. Except the Reader and Notifications icons i created.

Nav bar

Stays the same. Theme colors apply. The improvements here include:

  • Edit menu moved to left. Where it usually is on iOS 8 table view and lists.
  • New iOS 8 typography.
  • WordPress color (#464646)

Sites list

Design overhaul based on iOS design language. The improvements here include:

  • Contextual ordered items (icons and typography)
  • iOS 8 like table menu with fav icons for each site
  • Different functions follow same design language (add button)
  • WordPress color (#464646)

Tap bar

Design overhaul matching WordPress app and iOS design language. The improvements here include:

  • Theme support matching Nav bar color
  • Clean. High contrast icons with legends
  • Simple. Unified content creation icon. Content can be video, photos, text. Older icon implied text only.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Design files are available for everyone. Made in Sketch 3.1 though.

#ios-8, #ui, #ux, #wordpress-for-ios

Get Involved by Porting Objective C to Swift

Howdy iOS Devs!

If you’re interested in contributing to WordPress for iOS but aren’t quite sure where to dive in, one thing to consider is taking an existing Objective C class and porting it to Swift.

Its safe to say the iOS community as a whole has been pretty jazzed by the new language, I’ve certainly been, and the team would like to see Swift used for more things. This isn’t limited to new classes, we’d also like to start migrating existing code written in Objective C.

If you’d like to get your hands dirty with some practical Swift code, here’s your invitation to dive in. Great candidates to port to Swift are any of the Categories in the app.

Give us a shout on #WordPress-Mobile on Freenode, or ping us on Github. We look forward to hearing from you!

#contribute, #objective-c, #swift, #wordpress-for-ios, #wpios