Dev chat summary for Sept 9, 2013

Chat Log

A more informal meeting was held with the absence of @isaackeyet and @aerych.


  • iOS Status
  • Android Status
  • Windows Phone Status
  • Other Updates

iOS Status

Work continues on iOS 7 and it’s the primary focus of the team. @astralbodies discovered the cause of the login issues some users are reporting and is working on a fix soon. An escalated review request is expected to submitted with the 3.7.2 fix binary.

Android Status

This week we’re wrapping up themes, stats, and media release with a beta expected next week Monday (16-SEP-2013). The pin code lock feature is already available for testing and still has to be merged into the develop branch. Beta will be public, most likely, and posted via Hockey App.

Windows Phone Status

A number of patches were submitted by anirudh24seven and will be reviewed and applied to trunk soon. There are other issues that have to be resolved first before a release is made. No ETA on the fixes or the release.

Other Updates

No other updates brought up!

Next Chat

Join us for the next dev chat on Sept 16, 2013 at 16:00 UTC. Mark your calendar and join us in #wordpress-mobile on Freenode.

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Dev Chat Summary for July 3, 2013

We had a brief dev chat this week as many team members are vacationing, and the Automattic folks are returning from their meet-up last week. WPAndroid was not on the agenda this week as most of the Android contributors are taking time off.

Chat log


  • WPiOS
  • WPWinPhone
  • WPBlackBerry (legacy)


Last week version 3.6.2 was released to fix a crash that affected the iPhone version of the app. We quickly discovered that 3.6.2 unfortunately included a problem using the sidebar on the iPad so we quickly submitted and released an expedited patch in version 3.6.3.


@daniloercoli has created an alpha version of the REST client that the app will use when support for notifications is added to the app. Currently no ETA on the notifications feature and it is not being actively developed.

WPBlackBerry (legacy)

The current version of the app included some extra error logging and reporting in an effort to resolve some troublesome log in errors experienced by some users. At this point we’ve collected enough data to fix the major issues, and plan to release an update this week.

The next dev chat will be on July 10, 2013 at 1500 UTC. Mark your calendar and join us in #wordpress-mobile on Freenode.

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Dev Chat summary for June 12, 2013

Chat log


  • WPAndroid 2.4 Notifications
  • Windows phone app update
  • BlackBerry “legacy” app
  • New contributor projects/tickets
  • iOS 3.6.1
  • iOS Native Reader

WPAndroid 2.4 Notifications

The notifications update as released Tuesday and its been well received.  We’ve noticed a few corner cases bugs have popped up.  They are being actively squashed and a new update will be released as soon as the last one is confirmed DOA.

For the next planned release we’re working on two separate tracks: an update to NUX following along the lines of the iOS update, and a native reader.

Windows Phone App Update

An update to the WordPress for Windows Phone has been submitted and we’re awaiting its review. This update adds gallery support for self-hosted blogs running WordPress 3.5 or higher, and fixes the top five bugs reported.  We expect Microsoft to approve the app by Friday. Yay!

@daniloercoli noted that we’re seeing an issue with header of the xml files we get from Glotpress for use in localizing the app.  Visual Studio treats the files as they are incorrectly formatted, even though the header visually appears okay. Not quite sure what the issue is but we pinged @markoheijnen about it for further investigation.

BlackBerry “legacy” app

We’ll be working on an update to the “legacy” BlackBerry app.  The goal of this update is to address some connection issues that folks have been experiencing and to reintroduce the “Need Help” dialog and a direct link to contact support.  We’ll also fix an issue we’ve found with the stats feature and jetpack blogs.

New contributor projects/tickets

@mrroundhill suggested we might identify tickets/features that would be good for a new contributor to pick up.  This could be something as simple as tagging tickets in track.  We thought this was a great idea and mrroundhill will be posting a follow up about it on the make blog.

WPiOS 3.6.1

A bug fix release is being prepped to submit to Apple.  A lot of issues have already been addressed (…release;3.6.1) and we’re just trying to get one or two more into this release.  We’ll most likely submit today or tomorrow.

WPiOS Native Reader

After some delays to get the last couple of features just right the required API changes are now being reviewed. We still have a few things left on our checklist. The next few days will be about getting the final graphics, implementing infinite scroll, and making sure everything works correctly on the iPad.  We’re looking at finally having a beta of the native reader ready by Monday June 17th.

Next Week

The next dev chat will be on June 19, 2013 at 15:00 UTC. Mark your calendar and join us in #wordpress-mobile on Freenode.

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Dev Chat summary for June 5, 2013

Chat log


  • WPiOS 3.6
  • WPiOS Reader status
  • WPAndroid beta
  • Windows Phone Upgrade

WPiOS 3.6

The latest release is going smoothly, and there have been no major issues thus far. Congrats to everyone who worked on the release and especially sendhil for all his effort coding up the NUX!

We’ll plan on a 3.6.1 bug fix release to address some minor issues and other things unrelated to 3.6 specifically.

WPiOS Reader status

aerych and irbrad continue to make progress on the native reader – currently focused on reblogging and iPad improvements.  A beta this week was the goal but there is still a lot remaining and its looking like next week is more realistic.

WPAndroid beta

Welcome back mrroundhill 🙂
A few bugs have been revealed during the beta period.   A release was planned for today but we’ll delay until Monday and squash the bugs instead.

Windows Phone Upgrade

Its time for a new iteration on the Windows Phone app. daniloercoli will be working on a small bug fix release addressing the top five bugs and also bring gallery support to self-hosted blogs.

Next Week

The next dev chat will be on June 12, 2013 at 15:00 UTC. Mark your calendar and join us in #wordpress-mobile on Freenode.

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Dev Chat Summary for May 15, 2013

Several of the team were out at Google IO this week so we filled in the gaps as we were able. Chat log.


  • iOS
  • Android
  • WInPhone and BlackBerry
  • Git


  • Accounts is nearly complete. Needs more testing but we’ll hold off until NUX is ready.
  • NUX is currently being tested and awaiting updated translations.
  • Progress continues on the native reader. Support for adding/replying to comments is underway and irbrad is joining the effort.


The notifications release is currently in beta and very close to releasing. We haven’t decided what’s next but NUX is high on the list.

WinP and BlackBerry

BlackBerry is currently reviewing an update sent Monday, May 13th, and we expect it to be live in the store this week. This is basically version 2.3.3 of the Android app with some minor changes. The code is in the BlackBerry branch of the Android repository.

A Windows Phone update was submitted Tuesday. This update addresses an issue with the sharing feature. We expect it to be live later today or tomorrow.


We’ve been having some trouble with the git repository at getting out of sync with our git checkouts and the mirror on The repositories have had trouble staying in sync and most recently the commit authors have been reset and no longer match. We suspect the culprit is the subgit software that manages syncing between the svn and git repositories hosted on

We discussed possible options:
A) Give subgit one last try.
B) Drop svn and make the official repository, mirrored to github.
C) Make the repository on github the official repo.

We talked it over and decided the best course of action is to sunset the svn repo in favor of git. We will correct the repository at and it will become the official repo for WPiOS with a two way mirror to github.

Next week

The next dev chat will be on May 22, 2013 at 1500 UTC. Mark your calendar and join us in #wordpress-mobile on Freenode.

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Dev chat summary for April 24 2013 Chat…

Dev chat summary for April 24, 2013

Chat log.


  • iOS : version 3.5.3 released
  • iOS : status
  • Android : version 2.3.1 released
  • Android : status
  • Windows Phone : status
  • Mobile Handbook Reminder

iOS : version 3.5.3 released

The latest version of the app was released on Monday April 23, and has fixed even more crashes and bugs. Unfortunately there’s still a crash occurring with featured images.

iOS : status

Now working on some improvements to the WPcom Notifications screen and looking into ways the app can better handle accounts (from both WPcom and multisite installs).

NUX project: wrapped up (*crosses fingers*) some of the stuff that will improve the signup flow and have shifted toward the wizard walkthrough features.

Native WPcom reader project: implementation is progressing. Basic views are implemented and being iterated on. Currently working on the best way to handle video in posts.

Android : version 2.3.1 released

A bug fix update for version 2.3 (Holo update) of the Android app was released. This took care of a handful of crashes and a multitasking issue.

Android : status

Another bug fix release with some fixes to the ActionBarSherlock library and James Hu’s comment editing patch.

The next major version is 2.4 (WPcom Notifications). This release is progressing, push notifications are working and the UI is being wired up.

Windows Phone : status

Nothing big in the pipeline, although there’s now a milestone with tickets for the next update.

Mobile Handbook Reminder

There are quite a few items left to do, both assigned and open — you know who you are! Let’s wrap this up. Eric said he’s started to look into the remaining items for Windows Phone.

Rachel got in touch (yay!) so we’ll bring her up to speed on the status of the handbook as well.

Next week

The next dev chat will be on July 1, 2013 at 1500 UTC. Mark your calendar and join us in #wordpress-mobile on Freenode.

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For the GSOC I think it would be…

For the GSOC I think it would be nice to have at least one project for WPiOS, WPAnroid and WPWinPhone. Maybe even encouraging something new like a Phone Gap effort, native BlackBerry, Tizen or Firefox OS apps. We should suggest some ideas.
Adding image filters to iOS quick photo might be a good project. Anyone have others?

#android, #blackberry, #firefoxos, #gsoc, #ios, #tizen, #windows-phone

Version 1.9 of WordPress for Windows Phone was…

Version 1.9 of WordPress for Windows Phone was submitted for review today!
It should be live in a week from now.
A draft of the announcement post is available on the site here:


Mobile Dev Chat Summary for Sep 26 2012…

Mobile Dev Chat Summary for Sep 26, 2012

We had a shorter meeting this week but still had some good discussion (chat log):


  • WPAndroid 2.2. Launch Update
  • 3.5 XML-RPC Improvements
  • WPWindowsPhone 1.7 Discussion

WPAndroid 2.2. Launch Update

3.5 XML-RPC Improvements

  • Patch for #21397 was reviewed with some feedback, and @markoheijnen updated it and added a new patch. Team is doing their best to get this in 3.5 still.

WPWindowsPhone 1.7 Discussion

  • A bit of trac cleanup for 1.7 has been done, but more needed. @irbrad will review the milestone.
  • @daniloercoli has picked up a few tickets and will likely start dev next week.
  • We discussed how to get up and running with the Windows Phone 8 SDK.

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Mobile Dev Chat Sep 5, 2012

Summary of this week’s dev chat. IRC log.


  • WPAndroid 2.2 and fixes
  • Help needed for WPiOS 3.2
  • WPWindowsPhone 1.7 road map and planning
  • Core XML-RPC tickets status

WPAndroid 2.2 and fixes

Things are going well with version 2.2 so far but a few bugs surfaced. A bug fix update was issued (v. 2.2.1) and submitted earlier today. There’s been some reports about Stats not working correctly, we’ve been working with people in the WordPress for Android forums to try and resolve these and figure out where Stats fails. A big thing seems to be that the Stats page is simply a really big page load.

A huge win with version 2.2 is that almost all crashes seems to be gone – the app is becoming very stable.

We discussed the need to have fields for Jetpack credentials in the Blog Settings area within the app (like we do for WPiOS since WPiOS 3.1.3). We decided it would be nice to have but are holding off for now.

Game plan for the next week.

Help needed for WPiOS 3.2

We’re half way there for Featured Image support, should be in before the end of the week. Notifications needs tweaks to load faster and work better (Automattic will work on this).

The visual editor is in and there’s now a toggle to switch between the visual editor and the HTML mode. Working on disabling the visual editor for non iOS5+ devices, then we can start testing for real. Should be ready for testing towards the end of the week. We discussed problems with unrecognized tags and how we should deal with it – we need to flesh this out more.

We need help closing tickets as Trac is still looking pretty grim. We’ll look over the current batch of tickets to figure out what’s still feasible to do in 3.2 and move the rest to Future Release. We’ll also try to work on specific areas within the app to remain focused.

Game plan for the next week.

WPWindowsPhone 1.7 road map and planning

We discussed the 1.7 milestone and what our priorities should be as well as what we may have missed. It’s clear that Local Drafts is the most important enhancement listed, followed by combining the Comments screens (regular comments list and bulk moderation) to one list and low hanging fruit (Media positioning, maybe a better formatting toolbar – we’ll discuss this on the dev blog) in the Post Editor.

To make sure the app doesn’t fall behind further we should also add Featured Image support in the app.

Edit Comment was not discussed, but being an enhancement likely to be dropped (moved to Future Release for now).

The rest of the 1.7 milestone is a go, but we need clarification on some tickets.

Urgent todos posted on the dev blog.

Core XML-RPC tickets status

After the bug scrub we’ve updated the patches. We’re now waiting to get them reviewed again – but it looks like the Revisions/Previews enhancements are a go for version 3.5. The revisions should also make implementing Gallery support in the apps easier. Soft freeze today!


Please join us next week for the mobile dev chat, 15:00 UTC Wednesday.

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